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PRO GRAIN Equipment - Designed and manufactured at Arc Alloy Welding (1984), in business for over 30 years!

We provide a complete line of grain handling and storage options with the PRO GRAIN Bagger, PRO GRAIN Extractor and PRO GRAIN Transfer Auger. 

The PRO GRAIN Bag Roller efficiently rolls up your used grain bags so that you can recycle them and keep the environment clean. Now is the time to buy! The Government of Saskatchewan is offering a rebate on the purchase of a grain bag roller. For more information go to Plastic Grain Bag Roller BMP.

The PRO GRAIN Box Scraper is ideal for leveling, erosion control and yard cleaning.

Contact PRO GRAIN Equipment or one of our knowledgeable dealers or distributors nearest you for all your grain handling needs!

PRO GRAIN Equipment is based in rural Saskatchewan and takes pride in community involvement.

Harvest for Kids- September 2012