Pro Grain Box Scraper




The PRO GRAIN  Box Scraper is ideal for leveling, scraping and touching up drive ways. The tilt option is great for working with graduated slopes. Some innovative uses include snow removal, corral cleaning, erosion control, yard cleaning, and light road repair.



  • Full 10’ and 12’ width scraper bed.
  • Hydraulic height control.
  • Hydraulic tilt option.
  • Bolt on 1/2” x 6” grader blade across bottom.
  • Side edge skid pads.
  • Heavy duty frame construction.
  • Heavy duty high speed tires/rims.
  • Safety lock is provided for easy transport.
  • Reinforced stress points.
  • Floppy hitch can be adjusted to the tractor draw bar.

Download the PRO GRAIN  Box Scraper Manual